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August 13, 2010

Himegaminyaa is Starting a New Life

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Himegami didn’t expect 2nd year to eat away his spare time. Now that he finally was able to successfully join the club for Japanese Fanatics, his small spare time was further divided to working and thinking of good projects for the betterment of the club. As some of you my friends might have noticed, his twitter time dropped very low – from the casual 5-8 hours of non-stop tweeting to a mere 15-30 minutes of going online. Himegami is aware of what’s happening. So instead of dividing his time to different things each day, he realized that it will be more fulfilling if he allot it to a certain day of the week instead.

Setting Himegami’s schedule aside, he had trouble remembering his password for this site. He kept on insisting it was a more complex password than he usually can think of that it took him 3 weeks to remember it. It was a long journey of critical thinking and reflection, and he emerged victorious.

A lot of things happened in the past 3 weeks. Himegami has been thinking of things to post for this blog, but along the way, he felt lazy to actually do it for a couple of reasons where one of them is forgetting his password. Nonetheless, he feels guilty of leaving this blog bare. So he thought of a good thing to share based in his experience in the course of 3 weeks worth of college adventure.

When Himegami loves, he keeps it as simple as possible. He’s not that assertive compared to others, much less the sexual predator type. He’s meek and full of holes, a rather shitty metaphor he thought of. This certain feeling of affection of his is very rare. So whenever he loves, he gives all in its most simplest way to the extent that he loses himself that he loses the very nature of his affection.

Shit happens, and relationships aren’t an exception. It’s been almost 8 months since Himegami fell in love with some Chinese chick he met in Ateneo. And when he means met, that means he’s not even acquainted to her. His first initiative was to add her on facebook, but at some point, she unfriended him, and he was left dismayed. So he joined the Japanese Fanatic club in order to be closer to her. And well, it worked – not. As he said, shit happens, and love is of no exception.

At some point, he was able to strike meaningful conversations with her – online. He’s a derp, a tweep, and he knows it. He’s shy to the core and without guts when it comes to hitting on chicks, so he uses the net to communicate with them. So far so good, was the first few days of his silly love adventure. He was on cloud 9, and was pretty hyped on almost everything.

But shit dawned upon him when someone posted a YURI thread in the forums. Himegami joined in this thread, and shared his thoughts about Shoujo Ai and Yuri. It was fun and entertaining for a moment until at some point, the chick Himegami was planning to hit on joined the thread, and she unveiled her through nature there.


He was caught off guard. This strongly implies two things: 1) Either she’s just okay with this genre or 2) She has lesbian tendencies. He was panicking. He didn’t want to accept if she unveils that she was more of the latter part. But god knows what came into his mind that he actually kept conversing with her through the thread, and it lead to the point where she finally gives some pretty, private information:


A turn off, or a turn on? Himegami is confused. By the mere fact that she’s not sexually repressed to actually claim this shitness means that she has indeed lesbian tendencies. He doesn’t really know how to react to this shitness. So he left this matter aside and forgot about his affection toward that girl. Bye love life, Himegami will miss you.

P.S. This site is going down. I know I suck writing this shit and I am not happy about it. 😀


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