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July 24, 2010

TCGOD Blog Number 1 – Introductions

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Greetings Readers!

Himegami would like to thank you for visiting this particular extended blog of his. It was a pretty hard decision for Himegami to whether or not use his small, spare time into writing such a blog dedicated to his own observations of particular females in his life. You may find a lot of grammatical errors, wrong usage of words, and badly constructed paragraphs in his blog but please do remember that Himegami, is in no way, fluent in English and he only wants to write blogs for fun. He deeply apologizes if he doesn’t update frequently as he is currently undergoing theologian crisis. If you really do enjoy his blog posts, then he wants to give thanks again and asks for your support.

The idea of making the Cute Girl Observational Diary Blog or TCGOD Blog came up one night when Himegami was busy talking to himself. He’s a pretty lonely person at night so he usually logs in to different social networks and talk to his old buddies from high school or have some short social chat over twitter. During the day, however, is a different thing. Being a socially repressed person, Himegami only tries to observe and doesn’t really try to stand in public. That is solely because, in his own opinion, he is still in the phase of denying the fact that he was forced to study  in a college he doesn’t want.

Though there’s one thing he finds interesting in the college he is currently enrolled at: being one of the most prestigious and expensive college in the country, the student population is bound to have cute, middle to higher class girls that he really takes interest. Though there is hope in his already bad college life, it became almost evidently impossible for him to get attached to cute girls because he is currently taking a Physics course.

Though for some reason, one cute girl had the guts to take the Physics course. But as fast as the realization dawned on him, he found out that the girl was a freaking tsundere and is really complicated when it comes to relationships. Thus, he took no interest of her as someone who will like him but instead observed as how she will grow a relationship. So that he may use this data for his projected future relationships.

In a particular night wherein he was conversing to himself either talking to his drawings or his nendoroid, he  realized that he needs to take note of these observations. But being lazy as he is, he tried to think of a way where he can both have the urge to write down the details of this account and at the same time have fun. Thus, the idea of blogging it came into his mind and TCGOD Blog was born. He also thought that it would be inappropriate to just right down this particular accounts. So, he widened the scope of TCGOD and finally decided that he will be blogging of all the interesting, close encounters that he had with cute girls, not just during his college life but also his mysterious high school that only a few knows of.

So tune in and have fun! Himegami hopes that, through his work, you readers will learn a thing or two about the complicated nature of cute girls. And again, Himegami thanks you all for reading.



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